Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Planetree Difference

April 8, 2009

Haven’t blogged for a while, so might as well start off with a really good one.

As I was walking through the CafĂ© this morning a good friend of mine stopped me to say “Hi.” Although she was here on community business, she wanted to talk about her family’s experience of being in a Planetree Hospital. She asked me to pass on comments to all of the appropriate personnel and colleagues --- especially those in our ICU.

Her father recently passed away here and she said that the total support and care given to her dad and entire family and all the accommodations that were made, left her feeling that there was literally nothing more that we could have done. She wanted to make sure our colleagues knew how much they were appreciated by all of the members of her family. Obviously, she said she could see the differences of being in a Planetree Hospital and how our staff seems to know just how to demonstrate their compassion and caring.

Recently, I had the privilege of attending the National Healthcare Conference in Chicago. There were many relevant sessions that I attended that will assist our organization, but the most rewarding and beneficial part of experience was the chance meeting I had with the author of “Why Hospitals should Fly,” Mr. John Nance. His book should be required reading for all who are interested in patient safety and quality in hospitals. Although some may view it as being farfetched and idealistic, I feel we need more writings of this nature that are transparent in a very meaningful way. It clearly identifies a very necessary cultural change that is needed in many of our hospitals.

Hopefully, it will inspire our organization as well as many others.