Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life Stories of our Community Care Center Residents.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending and listening to the presentations of Professor Nancy Pine’s freshman class of Mt. Union students. Dr. Pine is an Assistant Professor of English and her students were sharing their essays based on the conversations that each student shared with a resident partner from our Community Care Center. In attendance were all the students, many of their partner residents, family and friends, and Colleagues from the hospital staff. As promised there were recollections of happy and joyous moments, hardships, some shedding of tears, much laughter and many of life’s lessons to be shared. You could tell that what started out as part of a course curriculum evolved into much more. For most there seemed to be a true bonding not only of different generations but of friendship.

Thank you to all for this moment of sharing. I hope that Dr. Pine and her students appreciated the experience as much as I did and will consider coming back next year.

Talk to you soon.